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Cueva de los Franceses

Province of Palencia
The Cave of los Franceses (the French) is located at 4 kilometres of the village of Revilla de Pomar. An important town nearby is Aguilar de Campoo. See google map.

Opening times:
Everyday except mondays.
One visit each our: the first visit at 11am and the last visit at 7pm.

Admissions (2009):
Adults:----------------3,00 euro
Chilfren under 12---free
There are also special admissions of 2 euro and 1 euro (see link in information).

Information: 659 949998 y 979 707523 .
At the number 659 949998 you can make your reservationes from 10.30am till 8pm (except mondays).
You can also make your reservationes on the web pinching this link (this page is in Spanish).
The cave is member of the A.C.T.E. (Asociation of Spanish Showcaves).

Some photos of the cave in this website


Webpage of admissiones and opening times in Spanish.
Webpage of A.C.T.E. en Spanish.
Webpage Reservations of the Cave of the French.

Location of the Cueva de los Franceses:
Ver mapa más grande

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