lunes, 26 de enero de 2009

Cueva la Galiana.

Province of Soria.
The cave is located along the road to the Cañon de Rio Lobos (Canyon of the River of the Wolfs), nearby the village of Ucero. The coordinates to search in google are: 41.732508, -3.044114.

I think the that the rights of exploitation for 2009 belong to Soriaventura. All information given is from their website.

Opening times:
This is an active visit: you will be given all the material needed for a two or two and a half hour visits (1,5 km), you only must bring comfortable clothes.

For four participants: 30 euro each.
For five participants: 25 euro each.
For six partcipants or more: 20 euro each.

Information: 627916107 or 620438488.

Location of the Cueva la Galiana:
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